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    I have recently updated bidi and xepersian packages to versions 33.0 and 21.2, respectively; I noticed the control sequences \setmathdigitfont (for changing math-mode digit font) and \settextdigitfont (for changing text-mode digit font) introduced in version 20.1 of the xepersian package no longer works in the latest release of the xepersian package.

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    I can not reproduce the problem you are getting and everything works ok for me. Are you aware of the following?

    • The control sequence \setmathdigitfont only changes digits font in math-mode;
    • The control sequence \settextdigitfont only changes digits font in text-mode;
    • The control sequence \setdigitfont changes digits fonts in both math-mode and text-mode.
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    Yes, maybe it's caused by manually updating bidi and xepersian packages then?

    TeXLive version: 2016
    The bidi package version: 33.0
    The xepersian package version: 21.2

    Edit: I have uploaded the log file. (I also have Yas font installed on my system)

    That could be the reason. Please use an updated TeXLive 2018 and see if you get the same problem.

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    I updated my TeXLive and I can now verify that there are no problems relating to this question.