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    I used algorithm2e to write some algorithms with Persian commands and it worked fine. But when I compile the same files with the current version of TexLive 2018, some of the lines moves to left. I guess its problem is when the algorithm wants to indent some lines which are within the condition or loop commands. The caption of the algorithm is also in wrong order.

      % Any packages other than the xepersian package must be loaded here
      % The xepersian package must be loaded as the last package
      % Any preamble code goes here
    \SetAlgorithmName{الگوریتم}{الگوریتم}{لیست الگوریتمها}
    \SetKwIF{If}{ElseIf}{Else}{اگر}{آنگاه}{درغیراینصورت اگر}{درغیراینصورت}{پایان~اگر}
      % Demonstration of issue here
    $n$   \Get\;
    $i\leftarrow 1$ و $FACT\leftarrow 1$\;
    \If{$i\leq n$}{
            $FACT\leftarrow FACT \times i$\;
            $i\leftarrow i+1$\;
            به خط 4 برو\;
    $FACT$ \Print\;
     \caption{ الگوریتم  محاسبۀ فاکتوریل  یک عدد }\label{alg:fact}
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