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    It seems that xepersian doesn't offer any translation for varioref and fancyref packages. Due to incompatibilities between both babel and polyglossia packages and persian fonts in some devices, I think it's a good idea to add translation for these packages.


    \settextfont{XB Niloofar}
    E = mc^2
    اینشتین در \vref{eq:relativity} میگوید که….


    \settextfont{XB Niloofar}

    Proposal to Solve Part of Issue

    These lines are translated from source of varioref package. Adding \def commands to a .tex file resolves the issue of varioref.

        \def\reftextfaceafter {در صفحهٔ \reftextvario{مقابل}{بعد}}%
        \def\reftextfacebefore{در صفحهٔ \reftextvario{مقابل}{قبل}}%
        \def\reftextafter     {در صفحهٔ \reftextvario{بعد}{بعد}}%
        \def\reftextbefore    {در صفحهٔ \reftextvario{قبل}{قبل}}%
        \def\reftextcurrent   {در \reftextvario{همین صفحه}{صفحهٔ جاری}}%
        \def\reftextfaraway#1{در صفحهٔ~\pageref{#1}}%
        \def\reftextpagerange#1#2{در صفحهٔ~\pageref{#1}--\pageref{#2}}%
        \def\reftextlabelrange#1#2{\ref{#1} to~\ref{#2}}%

    Some parts of fancyref are dependent on varioref.


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    Thanks for your question. I will certainly do this in the next version of the xepersian package but can not promise when the next version would be released on CTAN.

    Thank you.
    + I'll tell you (here?) if I make a patch/pull request myself.

    You can edit your question and add your patches; I will just take them and commit to the source. The actual repository will be moved to SourceForge and it will only be code-commit repository.